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Himo- hatshop

Himo hatsop was a project that was running 3 years in Berlin, Neukölln. It was a shopfront space that looked like a hatshop but was actually a sculptors studio, performance…

Projekte – Wandering Shocks

The Wandering Shocks performance costumes are made of baking paper, cardboard and cotton. The sculptural figures appear as a surprise programme on different events and festivals in Helsinki, Jyväskylä and…

Projekte – Drehmoment

solo show in Kunsthalle Hilsbach 2020 New steel works 2020 Video collaboration with Kuno Ebert

Projekte – Wild Angelicas and the Feminist Library

The Helsinki-Berlin based Wild Angelicas join forces with London’s Feminist Library in this exhibition of experimental artworks; performance, sculpture, video, ‘game’ and collage. Wild Angelicas - named after a common and…

Maternal Bio Power Plant

MATERNAL BIO POWER PLANT / 2014 Käsitekesä land art exhibition Kokemäki, Finland MATERNAL BIO POWER PLANT: Bulls manure, hay, natural pigments, metal container, plastic hose, plastic bag (for collecting bio…

Projekte – Stage

Performance at the exhibition opening of Jukka Rusanen at Helsinki Contemporary, painting, installation: Jukka Rusanen music: Joachim Berghall performance: Mimosa Pale photos: Johanna Kannasmaa

Blow- Streetlevel

Streetlevel Festival, performance art in public space, Helsinki 2015

Projekte – Göttinnen: Klotho

Music theatre production with music by  Ensemble Rot (experimental percussion), Meike Senker (composition), Justyna Koeke (kostume, concept), Birgit Gebhard (production), Mimosa Pale (sculpture, performance) Performed in Theater Rampe, Stuttgart, DE…

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